Recording & Promoting Great Artists

Booming Music is a brand new agency / record label looking for great musical artists of all ages to develop and record with a uniquely artist focused business model. If you are an amazing singer, songwriter, musician or band who wants to record or play shows, get in touch and we'll make it happen. Genres we are looking for include indie, acoustic, experimental rock & heavy rock, blues, r&b, pop, hip-hop and soundtrack. We have a roster of professional studio musicians, gear, producers and recording engineers that can make your musical dreams a reality. Contact us for more info.

Send me your sounds

What we do at NO COST to you:
  • Production of High Quality Recordings
  • In-House Demo Production & Recording Services
  • Limited CD Duplication
  • Graphic Design of Posters, CD Covers, Sleeves, Press Kits etc...
  • Booking Shows
  • Organizing Mass Mailings of Promotional Materials
  • Connecting you with a vast network of promotional resources
  • Promoting you online including website design, MySpace, Facebook, streaming media
  • Getting your music on iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, MySpace, Facebook, ReverbNation and other music websites
  • Registration with the Copyright Office and Performance Rights Organizations such as ASCAP, BMI & SESAC
  • Commercial Licensing of Your Music for use in films, etc...

Expenses we do not cover:

  • Rental of studio space for High Quality Recordings
  • Rental of equipment for High Quality Recordings
  • Costs related to duplication of CDs and other promotional items
  • Touring costs

What happens to the profits:
  • All profits generated under $50k go directly to the band.
  • We take a negotiable percentage, way lower than most labels, of profits generated over and above $50k.